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Dan McCarthy’s Leadership Development Carnival


According to his blog, Great Leadership, Dan McCarthy has

“been a practitioner in the field of leadership development for over 20 years. I’m currently the Manager of Leadership and Management Development at a Fortune “Great Place to Work”, “Training Top 125”, and “High Impact Learning” (HILO 80)company. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own and don’t represent the views of my current or former employers. I’m married, have two daughters, and had an old lab named Annie.”

Besides keeping an interesting blog on the topic of leadership development, back in July Dan launched the Leadership Development Carnival which he describes as follows:

Each month we’ll ask for the best damn leadership and leadership development information and advice there is, gather them up, and present them all here at the Carnival. We had over 30 submissions for this inaugural July edition.

There are a lot of interesting posts in the Carnival. Here are 4 in # 4:

The great thing about these blog carnivals is that they rely on contribution from fellow bloggers and the diversity of ideas and perspectives can be truly thought provoking. Here’s how you can participate:

The Leadership Development Carnival will accepts post related to leadership, management, and executive development, leadership, management, coaching, succession planning, and organizational development. Irrelevant posts will be automatically rejected. A link back is must to promote this carnival on the web. Please submit one recent (last 2 weeks) post along with a brief (1 line) description.

Thanks to Dan McCarthy for organizing the Leadership Development Carnival!

Links to Leadership Development Carnival #1, #2 and #3.

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