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Leadership via Sunday NY Times (09/28/08)

Here are several articles we found interesting in today’s NY Times.

6 Months Later, Spitzer Is Contrite, Yes, but Sometimes Still Angry by Danny Hakim – Eliot Spitzer has faced an adjustment as he confronts life without the power he once wielded as New York governor.

Waiting to Lead (or Not) by Peter Baker – President Bush has all the levers of the Oval Office without the authority. So how should the two would-be presidents act in a time of national turmoil?

Amaker’s Move Creates a Clash of Harvard Ideals by Pete Thamel – Coach Tommy Amaker’s decision to cut five players recruited by his predecessor has raised eyebrows in the conference and has angered the players, their parents and coaches.

The Significant Other by Leslie Kaufman – Whenever a job comes with significant social duties, the spouse is of great interest.

Book Review: The Final Days by Jill Abramson – In this last installment of his four-volume series on the Bush administration, Bob Woodward renders a harsh final appraisal of the president.

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