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Leadership via the Sunday NY Times (Oct. 26, 2008)

Here are some articles that we found interesting in today’s (Sunday, October 26, 2008) New York Times:

Week in Review – Election Special Issue:

John McCain, Flexible Aggression – by DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK – Senator McCain’s conflicting impulses toward deliberation and aggression have been the alternating currents of his singular career and, if he wins the White House, could shape his presidency.

Barack Obama, Forever Sizing Up – by JODI KANTOR – A President Obama would prize consensus, except when he would disregard it. And his lifelong penchant for control would likely translate into a disciplined White House.

Business – Under New Management column – Maybe Everyone Will Be a C.E.O. – By KELLEY HOLLAND – More title inflation may be at hand, because managers often dole out bigger titles in times of economic weakness as a substitute for raises and bonuses.

SportsSunday – Sports of The Times – Fiery Competitor Builds Up To a Flameout – by HARVEY ARATON – Who is Isiah Thomas, the man behind one of the most dazzling smiles in sports, capable of charming the venom from a snake?

Sunday Magazine:

The Medium Column – The Hitler Meme By VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN – Video parodies of a film about the Third Reich are all over the Web. What’s the appeal of Adolf Hitler freaking out?

The Making (and Remaking) of McCain – by ROBERT DRAPER – When a campaign can’t settle on a central narrative, does it imperil its protagonist?

Book Review – Reading List column – The Coming Anti-Bush-Book Bust – by ALEX and CHRISTOPHER BEAM – One segment of the economy will crash for sure on Jan. 20, 2009: the land-office business in anti-George W. Bush books.

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