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The Leadership Imperative by HBS Dean Jay O. Light (Forbes)

image “Who bears responsibility for the collapse of 2008? It is a collective failure, not only of financial safeguards and institutions, but of leadership at many levels. This was true in corporate executive offices, in government, and yes–in business schools, too. At HBS, this is a learning moment for faculty and students alike.”

Those are the words of Jay O. Light, Dean of Harvard Business School from his essay The Leadership Imperative which is part of a special series on titled A Teachable Moment for Business Schools.

In times of turmoil, pedagogical complacency is the last thing we want. Educators agree: Present economic circumstances must inform the instruction of future business leaders. But how? Some believe students need to grasp historical precedents, others advocate a focus on practical case studies and still others emphasize innovative departures from misguided practices of the past. Five deans of top business schools describe what the post-meltdown education for an M.B.A. should look like.

Dean Light is joined by his peers:

Here’s a glimpse at the current and future course charted by some top tier schools in educating future leaders.

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