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Leadership Lessons Via YouTube EDU

youtube-eduToday Google launched one of those 20% projects that they’re so famous for and we should all be very grateful for it.

YouTube EDU is a partnership with over 100 universities and colleges from around the world that presents all kinds of educational and academic programming including full length courses. There’s something for everyone.

I did a quick search of the term “leadership” and the results came back with 460 videos including Barbara Kellerman, the James McGregor Burns Lecturer in Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School and CPL faculty member, lecturing to the CPL Student Advisory Board on her work “Followership.”

Part 2 of Kellerman’s lecture.

At a time where many training and education budgets are being slashed and unemployed workers are looking to learn new skills, YouTube EDU offers a valuable free alternative education.

To borrow from Mike Arrington on TechCrunch today, YouTube EDU Launches, So Go Learn Something!

YouTube Edu Launches – Wall Street Journal – March 26, 2009 (free content)

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