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Leadership via the Sunday New York Times (June 7, 2009)

Here are a few articles that we found interesting in today’s (Sunday, June 7, 2009) New York Times:

For Sotomayor and Thomas, Paths Diverge at Race

Judge Sonia Sotomayor and Justice Clarence Thomas have walked parallel paths, but they stand at opposite poles of thinking about race, identity and opportunity. By JODI KANTOR and DAVID GONZALEZ

Obama Hails D-Day Heroes at Normandy

President Obama and the leaders of France, Great Britain and Canada reflected upon the 65th anniversary of D-Day. By JEFF ZELENY

Experts Say Full Disclosure May Not Always Be Best Tactic in Diplomacy

Some foreign affairs experts say the president risks forsaking the advantages of “constructive ambiguity,” the diplomatic practice of fudging differences. By MARK LANDLER

MagazineTaking the Hill

Facing a fight on health care — and trying to avoid the mistakes of the past — President Obama’s team is working Congress from the inside. By MATT BAI

Magazine – The Way We Live Now – A Seat at the Table

Want to fix what ails corporate America? Democratize the boards. By ROGER LOWENSTEIN

Hugging Republicans Until It Hurts

the Obama administration says it is assembling a coalition government that welcomes qualified members of the opposition. It gives the White House a claim to bipartisanship despite continuing clashes with Republican Congressional leaders. But the political benefits are an equally strong incentive. Remaining Republican colleagues become discouraged and feel further isolated in the minority. By CARL HULSE

Calling ‘Em as They See ‘Em, for a Few Bucks and Boos

Seth Lofton has been an amateur umpire 19 years, one of 100,000 across the United States. By JOSEPH BERGER

BusinessCorner OfficeEnsemble Acting, in Business – Clarence Otis Jr.

The C.E.O. of Darden Restaurants, who has a background in law and theater, tries to focus on team-building and sets aside downtime to reflect on his vision.

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