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Should Dick Cheney Shut Up?

Okay, the post title might be a little controversial but that’s basically the question the Washington Post asks three leadership experts in a column titled Back in the Fray. The Post polls Warren Bennis, distinguished professor of business at the University of Southern California and founding chair of the Leadership Institute, Kurt Schmoke, former mayor of Baltimore and dean of Howard University School of Law and Marty Linsky, co-founder of the leadership-focused consulting firm Cambridge Leadership Associates,  who also teaches at the Harvard Kennedy School and blogs at Linsky on Leadership. Their learned answers are not too surprising for anyone who’s a student of leadership. Please make sure you read them.

Though not known for being a leadership “expert”, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show offers a humorous perspective on Cheney’s recent talk show circuit.

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Ironically, we seem to see and hear more of Dick Cheney now than when he was VP. Anyone think he’s exercising real leadership?

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