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Are you a Sully or a Slater?

Left: Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times; right, Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Left: Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times; right, Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Michael Wilson had an interesting post today on the NY Times Cityroom blog entitled Slater vs. Sully: Sizing Up Two Air Men in a Crisis. The title kind of says it all really but it is definitely worth reading and thinking about from the perspective of leadership.  He closes:

But in the jobs for which they trained, each man answered his call in his own way. Each looked in the mirror the next day and recognized the man looking back. But what of us? Who do we see in the mirror? Sully or Slater?

The sad truth is that, while many of us want to see Sully, instead, staring back with that goofy grin, we get the other. Because life isn’t made up of double-bird strikes. It’s an endless stream of annoying little suitcases hitting us on the head. This August heat, the job, the meathead playing the drums on the F train — face it, if you had an inflatable slide to get away from it all from time to time, you’d use it.

I was kind of taken aback by Wilson’s column because I don’t think (or hope) that most people see a Slater when they look in the mirror the next morning. But honestly, who do you see and who do you think most other people see? If it’s Slater, we’re all doomed.

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