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Leadership via The Sunday New York Times (February 28, 2010)

Here are a few articles that we found interesting from a leadership perspective in the Sunday New York Times:

Paterson’s Ability to Lead Is Questioned

With New York grappling with enormous problems, some key Democrats were debating whether such a damaged and distracted leader could run the state. (Front page)

Unlikely Activist Who Got to the Tea Party Early

Keli Carender, 30, is credited with holding the first protest that bloomed into the Tea Party movement. (Front page)

The Accidental Lieutenant

Richard Ravitch has been New York’s Mr. Fix-It for as long as anyone can remember. As lieutenant governor under a stumbling governor, he may be in the role again. (NY Region)

Where Scott Brown Is Coming From

Getting to know a very, very new Republican senator by Frank Bruni. (Magazine)

Race in the South in the Age of Obama

James Fields is an African-American Democratic state legislator in a nearly all-white Alabama county that voted overwhelmingly against Barack Obama. Is he an anomaly or the future? (Magazine)

Talk to Me. I’ll Turn Off My Phone.

Tachi Yamada, president of the Global Health Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, says “every moment counts, and that moment is lost if you’re not in that moment 100 percent.” (Business – Corner Office)

A Family’s Vision

Ricardo Poma credits his relatives and his family history with inspiring him professionally. (Business – The Boss)

The Koons Collection

Jeff Koons is working at a role he has never assumed in his three-decade career: curator of other people’s art. (Arts)

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