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Whale Rider and Leadership

Whale Rider

As an educator, I am always on the lookout for new resources for use in the classroom. Multimedia is a large part of my approach and I was recently reminded of an incredible movie – Whale Rider. For those of you who have not seen this film, please rent it soon. For those of you more familiar with the film, step back and think about through the lens of leadership and
multitude of messages that can be taken from this beautiful work.

For me, the film addresses any number of topics. Whether cultural norms/traditions, leadership and gender, transformational leadership, emotional intelligence or Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge – all are present in someform or fashion. In my last post, I mentioned that wrote about models of leadership. This film could be a great opportunity for students to develop and design their own model of effective leadership and then see how it aligns with others. This can be accomplished through one simple question…

How does Kahu Paikea (Pai) display leadership? What personal attributes and behaviors help her influence others? Or, how is Pai’s grandfather Koro Apiran limited in his abilities to lead?

I will be excited to hear about your results…

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