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Work Life Lead: Measuring Our Networks


We live in a numbers culture. We do so because technology and innovation are driven by the engineering of measurements to produce new connections and structures to facilitate society.

As important as numbers are, they are not the whole story. If you think you can know and do everything by the numbers, you are mistaken.

While numbers are tangible, the intangible elements of life are far more significant because they are often hidden from the standardized measurements that we are used to using.

I see this specifically in discussions about networks. I’ve made the point often that the measure of our network is not the number of people in it, but rather what we can motivate it to do.

A small, but active network, has far greater potential influence that a large, passive one.

The question that we must ask is “How do I activated my network to achieve some goal or ambition?”

Build Trust between members of your network.

Instill Confidence that you are worthy of the other members trust.

Demonstrate Competency that you and the members of your network can do what you claim.

Do these, and the measure of your network will be the tangible impact of people finding ways to collaborate together.

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Dr. Ed Brenegar I'm a leadership speaker, writer and consultant who is a mentor and catalyst for change. I assist leaders and their teams in the transitions required to succeed in today's complex organizational environment. I live in Western North Carolina. I'm involved the Boy Scouts, a charitable leadership training group called Lessons In Leadership, an ordained Presbyterian Church USA minister, and am the host of the Say Thanks Every Day social network.

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