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Pam Fox Rollin – blogger/podcaster


I help teams of people create cool things –  breakthrough products, sustainable community initiatives, high-value solutions for customers. And, I’m passionate about doing that in ways that leave everyone in better shape — igniting sparks of purpose and confidence in each participant, and building organizational capacity for meaningful conversation, wise strategic decisions, and healthy growth.

After a decade in corporate strategy consulting (Bain, Accenture) and community leadership, I founded IdeaShape in 1999 as a vehicle for making good on this passion. Along with a network of IdeaShape collaborators, I work with dozens of companies from Autodesk to Zoll, helping them navigate change ever more effectively:

  • Coach and consult with CXO through Director levels in technology, consulting, healthcare, government, education, and NGOs;
  • Guide operating leaders in defining, designing, and delivering strategic change;
  • Create experiences that help senior teams and cross-functional groups make the most of their strengths and differences to achieve high performance .

I’ve also been fortunate to lead (and follow and learn) on many terrains, including

  • Facilitating self-development and leadership skill-building for MBA students at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (profile article)
  • Leading out-of-the-box learning experiences as a sea kayaking instructor and guide (before kids) and now as mom of two adventurous boys;
  • Serving as turnaround Executive Director for Blossom, an amazing center for childbirth education and early parenting
  • Keynoting corporate leadership events and professional conferences
  • Collaborating on research into perceptions of emotional intelligence across leaders with varied personality types
  • Educating coaches, teachers, and managers to make good use of MBTI®,  Enneagram, and various self/360 assessments.
  • Volunteering with the Global Women’s Leadership Network to build support for women leaders around the world.

Glad to connect with you here at Weekly Leader!

You can also connect with Pam on Twitter and at her company, IdeaShape Coaching & Consulting.

Pam’s Weekly Leader posts.

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